The mountain just disappears into the fog.

Dog-walking is a big business around here.

The view out of the gondola.

Another view, from a bit higher up, before we were completely surrounded by fog.

At the first gondola stop.

Lena makes her first snowman.

At the top of the gondola.

More top of the mountain, above the treeline.

Lena catches snowflakes in her hand.

It's hard to see, but Lena made a snow angel.

In this much fog, you can stare at the sun! Not that I did.



Snowed over river.

Luke and Lena on the covered bridge


Luke decided to take a picture of me. I happen to like that hat, thank you very much.

Kids in the snow.

Lena plays with the sparklers

Fun with sparklers

If you turn the flash off, sparklers look very strange.

The very warm wood stove.

The... ceiling.

My room.

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