I just felt like I had to be a tourist, so I took a picture of the Seattle public market.

Downtown Seattle

The hallway outside Matt's on the Market, where we ate lunch.

The sign outside the very first Starbucks. I still didn't go inside, though.

The Puget Sound.. I think?

Seattle skyline

The docks

Blurry picture of the market, taken without a flash.

I just got a kick out of the ceiling.

And Hong just had to have his french fries.

Stanley loading up the car on the first day.

Pink Creme Soda in the snow looks like half a heart.

The front of the cabin

I had to take this picture of the Whistler Village under the eaves, because it was snowing.

The snow really shows up in front of the tree.

It's really big news around here.


In freezing weather, in falling snow... kids still play on the playground.

The... uh... parking lot? Why the heck did I take this picture?

Lena and Luke


Another village shot, taken while we were eating.

Luke eats his poutinne.

Hong and Stan unload the car.

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