Going to New York and Getting Ready (August 28-30, 2002)

Luke reads comics in JFK Airport as we wait for Joe and Jane.

Joe and Jane arrive.

Pretty elevators at the Marquis.

Not actually Times Square, but the bizarro square across from it.

Smallish park in the fashion district, near the Yahoo! office.

The view down 40th St. out the Yahoo! office window.

The view down 6th Ave. out the same window.

I'm so HAPPY!

Obligatory "Dealer's Room before it opens" picture.

Elevator stalk during the day.

Judy at the staff meeting.

Staff meeting.

Anime Expo New York (August 31 - September 2, 2002)

The Webcomics panel.

Karaoke room. Hooray!

Control table in the dealer's room. Hooray! I wasn't working there!

Joe and Monica at the table.

Dueling saxophones after the masquerade.

Ishiguro-san wishes Taka a happy birthday...

...then plays "Happy Birthday" on a ukelele.

We got stuck in the elevator.

Only funny if you've seen Excel Saga.

Good night.


Only funny if... oh, it's not really that funny.

Mara, Monica, Kirstin, and Joe


Chris, Vicky, Todd... and a bunch of people I don't know.

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