This album marks a change in the way I make these albums, hopefully for the easier. iPhoto, it turns out, is quite nice for manipulating images, and even has a variety of output formats. By using Perl, I was able to take the output of iPhoto's "export to HTML" function, and convert it into the format I use for my albums. The downside is that now images are named with a very boring number, instead of with something descriptive. I think it's a decent price to pay for not having to open up 30 images in Photoshop and resize them twice.

Trip to Southern California (January 3, 2002)

My mom's fountain.


My mom's overrun herb garden.

The old house we used to live in, which the current owners have let run wild.


Not in SoCal, but at work. There's snow on the hills!

LAN Party (January 20, 2002)

The "laptop table"

Taka plays the okonomiyaki pan

The "desktop tables"

Taka entertains Luke, Kirstin and Phil with the pan

Mara and Lena play Tetris upstairs

An Action shot

Lots of iBooks

Taka and Lena cook


Chico's GF, Roxanne!

Time for TV

Time for Advance wars

One last shot of the PCs

A row of iBooks...

...and again, for some reason.

Superbowl Party (February 3, 2002)

"No! Don't eat me!"

"You'd better be glad I've got these rubber bands on my claws!"

Bucket o' lobster

And again

Rannie and Nicole... asleep.

Peto and Mara

The last two seconds in the life of a crab

"You're next!" "No, you're next!"

Rannie, Nicole and Mara

Peto has the right tools for the job.


The carnage in the "lobster room."

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