So why did I choose the nickname Hamster? That's an easy story. Ask a hard one.

So why did I choose the nickname Hamusutaa? Well, that's a bit more, well, interesting.

It started one day last semester when I decided to park my rear in IRC like I always did. (ISDN is so spoiling) I joined #anime! like I always did, and said my greets. A few moments later... wham! I nick-collided with someone.

For those of you who don't know, a nick-collision is what happens when two people on two different parts of IRC have the same nickname when the parts are separated via a netsplit, then recombine. The servers have no way of knowing which one is the rightful owner (if there is such a thing) of the nick, so instead, both people are booted right out of IRC.
So anyway, I didn't realize what had happened, so I just reconnected. A few moments later, I received a private /msg from Hamster_. (The "_" because I was Hamster) claiming that I had taken his nick.

Now, let me take this moment to point out that I've been using IRC off and on for longer than most people have known what the Internet is. The whole time, I've always used the nick Hamster. This guy was in the weirdest of channels, including some with names that I shan't repeat on the WWW, 'cause who knows who'll be reading this. He also claimed that he had been using the nick Hamster forever, and that he was always on IRC (EFNET, by the way), I was just lucky that I never ran into him. He said something about "letting me use the nick," but it turns out he meant just for that night, because when I joined the next night, he was already on, in his weirdo channels and in all his glory.

I grumbled around IRC, brandishing my "_" for all to see. After a few nights of this, I decided to choose a new nick that I wouldn't EVER collide with someone ever again. Seeing as how the channel I primarily hang out in is an anime channel, I decided to choose a Japanese name. So I went to the Japanese - English Dictionary and popped in "Hamster". Of course, it came up the boring "Hamusutaa," so I didn't try that originally, I tried gesshirui (Rodent) but eventually figured that Hamusutaa was nine letters long, the max for an IRC nick, called it kismet and I've stuck with it ever since.

Footnote 1: About 1 to 2 weeks after I made the change of nicks, that Hamster guy stopped showing up. I've never seen him since. What a dink.

Footnote 2: Yes, I realize that "gesshirui" also has nine letters. Bug off.

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