Sen to Chihiro Showing in S.F. (April 20, 2002)

The Castro.


Mara and Nicole

The random people at the entrance to the theater.


Afterwards, the CAA people went to Chevy's, and I managed to get a decent picture of Danny.

Fanime Con 2002 Precon Packet Stuffing (April 21, 2002)

Packets, packets as far as the eye can see.


One of our illustrious chairs, Scott.

Fanime Con 2002 (April 25 - 28, 2002)

Empty booths on Thursday in the Dealer's room.

Loading has started.

The Wizzywig folks set up their booth.

More empties.

A very Linus Lam shot.

Mike up to his usual antics.

The game show people dig through the box for a prize.

The quite active crowd at game show.

Charley throws a perfectly good Camilla away.

Mara sings into the dealer's PA during clean-up.

The Dealer's Room staff hard at work.

Rannie and Mara at the mic.

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer.

Dom and Luke at Karaoke.

Dom wants me to hug him. People wanting me to hug them was a recurring theme over the weekend.

A more typical shot of Danny.

Mara swings her glow stick around.

Doods hanging out in Karaoke.

Kirstin and Taka.

Rannie, Mara, Mike Siu and Kirstin.

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake...

Hiroki, Mara and Harvey.

Ed does... something.

I tried to get a good shot of them dancing, but failed.

Ladies and gentlemen, half of the ex-5XL members!

It's all the rage, I hear.

uhhh... yeah.

Rannie takes a much-needed nap on the floor.

Matt spins at the dance.

Bit-Char G racing!

Once again, Kirstin drew on the back of my badge.

Breakdown in the Dealer's Room

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