BBQ at Baylands Park (April 13, 2002)


Lots of Smirnoff Ice.

Yes, I think that the healthiness of these two items cancels each other out nicely.

It's not that you can buy them, it's that the labels are in English.

And what BBQ would be complete without Gran Turismo?

The grill

Lots of people.

Mmmm... seafood.

Mmm... more seafood.

Gerald studies in the good ol' rope thing.

Hong serenades Kirstin.

Hong and Taka serenade us all.


More doods.

The middle part of Chico.

Hong serenades more people.

Hong even serenaded the park ranger.


I forget what they were laughing at.

Mara and Rannie play Trackball.

Rannie again.

Feeding frenzy around the grill.

Kirstin and Taka.

Wynne and Mara... doing... something.

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