On my one-year anniversary at Yahoo!, I started vesting stock options. To celebrate, I took everyone I knew out to all-you-could eat sushi. Some people were kind, others were downright vengeful. But first, before that...

Luke's weird food at Karaoke (October 16, 1999)

This um... speaks for itself.


I've gotta ask Luke what exactly this was. Some kind of weird meat that looked raw, but you were supposed to eat it.

Free Sushi Night (November 15, 1999)

What's the first thing you do when someone else says they're footing the bill? You order the most expensive thing on the menu, of course! At least you do, if you're Luke. It ended up being ray fin, and I made him eat it.

Gerald, Kirstin (decent shot of her, too. heh), Brian, Joe.

Lionel, Keith, Nicole, Evan.

Hank, Hiroki, Dana, Eileen, Lionel.

I meant to get more shots of the actual food... just imagine multiplying this plate times 8 or so.

Lionel, Keith and Nicole fight over a cup of... I think it was sake, actually.

In front, Hank, smooth operator Hiroki, Dana and Eileen. In back, Monica, Joe and Mara.

Nicole, the top of Evan's head, Harvey, Chico, and... me.

Once again, in front, Hank, not as smooth Hiroki, Eileen and Dana. In back, Monica, Joe's head, Mara and Kirstin. And way in back, Luke, probably drinking the $35 glass of sake he ordered.

Same as last photo, only... lighter.

Me, looking at the bill.

The bill. For those of you keeping track, $405.25 + $288.61 = $693.86 of sushi.

Ski Trip (January 15-17, 2000)

Stella and Hong cook, while Nati supervises.

Leon and Karen resting up for a big day of skiing.

Does this look like a ramp to you? It did to Luke. I was in the car with him when he decided to turn down this into the parking lot of a gas station.

And now for something completely different...


A Y!2K bug. Get it? Don't blame me, I didn't come up with the name.

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