I actually have a whole roll of pictures from this trip. I only got to scan one of them (the most important, as you'll see) but I have more, and I might put them on later.

There's not much I can say about this trip except we made it only to run in one race in Richmond, and none of us really ran that well. It was more of one of those "getting together as a team" things, which made me feel really good because I almost didn't go, I only went because one of the runners faster than me couldn't afford it. You see, my coach has this thing where he treats the fastest runners to special things, and I was doomed as the number eight runner my senior year. But I digress.

I really liked the Seattle area, and the general weather. Yes, I'm one of those sickos who actually likes rainy, overcast weather. I grew up in Southern California, what can you expect? I was deprived. As for actual sight-seeing, I drove by downtown Seattle... I think I might have gotten a picutre of the Space Needle through the car window.

We somehow managed to see this waterfall on the trip. I was later informed by Robert & Linda Beath that it is called Snoqualmie Falls! I finally find it out four years later!

Random fact: The street numbering system in the Seattle area is very confusing and threw me off for the entire trip.

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