Karaoke in Richmond (March 11, 2001)

Once again, here we are, at karaoke.

Stella can sing...

...The Carpenters!

Pure, concentrated evil.

I can't tell if she's hiding her mouth, or snarfing food.

Another Sinatra song by Nati.

Curse can sing, too!

With a little bit of monkey magic...

...the punkiest monkey that ever popped...

He knew every magic trick under the sun...

To tease the Gods and everyone and have some fun...

...Monkey magic Monkey magic

A duet.


Wild-haired curse!

Eileen's 21st Birthday Party (March 25, 2001)

Too many people to name.

Strength and honor!

Jeremy 's getting acquianted with a stuffed Marill.

Chico's head is sprouting a balloon.

It's a Little Mermaid cake!

I don't know what that thing is above Jeremy's head... a trick of the light, I guess.

It took Eileen at least four breaths to blow out all 21 candles. Notice the Oscars ending in the background.

The crowd watches the presents opened in anticipation.

We all listen to a cover of "Come On Eileen"

Kaki, Kero and Kero!

A few seconds later, Eileen's head was stuck in the ceiling... or maybe not.

Whotta spread!

We play The Great Dalmuti. (Lionel took the rest of these pictures)

Hong's asleep with the Marill.

The rest of them play Mario Party 2.

How does Stella always know when I'm taking a picture of her?

Hong's still asleep.

Eileen and Nicole share N'Sync stalking tips.

Around Yahoo! (Whenever)


Ducks in water.

Yahoo! Minicar!

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