Stella's Birthday Party (November 5, 2000)

Hank and Stella set up Hello Kitty Jenga.

More fun.

The bunnies have a cardboard castle to live in!

The cake.

Hong, Dana, Taka and Eileen (who looks very evil for some reason)

Everyone lounges around while the jenga game continues

Digimon party supplies?

The cake... is served.

Stella blows out the candles.

MuVie Fest (November 11, 2000)



What exactly are the two kids in the 'K' doing?

Eileen and Mara hug each other with all their might.



More 5XL Fun With Foam (November 12, 2000)

Chico threatens Lesley with blue foam.

Lesley responds with a blue foam chunk...

...and then uses her super technique: "Blue Foam Flurry Dual-Attack!"

Andy Plays with His New Mac G4 Cube (November 13, 2000)

Yay, shiny new G4 Cube which took no time at all to get working.


Meanwhile, my PC is having a typical day...

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