In the weeks before Anime Expo, life gets interesting around these here parts. It's all about stress relief. Not that my life isn't stressful without AX, it's just a bit more that last month before it.

Luke moves into his new apartment (May 6, 2000)

Boxes. Exciting. Had to help carry these up the stupid stairs.

Nice view out Luke's window.

Mara amusing herself by playing Gameboy.

Eileen's BBQ (May 28, 2000)

Lionel and Scanner on Dance Dance Revolution, while Chico watches. Man, does Lionel have a goofy look on his face or what?

Pomru and Chico DDR, while Kirstin, Mara and Eileen watch.

Eileen and Dani DDR, watched by Kirstin, Dana, Travis, Chico, someone who I can only see their feet, and some girl who's name I don't know.

Jay, someone's back, Rod's Back, Pat and Lionel.

Chico, Luke, Brian, Someone I don't know, and Ann play Chu Chu Rocket, a game I forbid myself from playing.

Pat, Pat, Lionel, Rod, Evan, Terry, Nicole and Stan.

Peto, Stan, Terry and Pat play Hearts while Nicole peeks out from behind the Doritos.


AX Meeting (June 11, 2000)

Todd helps Chico with the data entry, and lots of people in the background.

Pomru, Mike, Judy and May. I wonder what Mike's looking at, really, I do. Okay, so Judy says he's looking at her computer Screen. Whatever.

No comment.

Malibu Grand Prix (June 14, 2000)

Random trip to Mailbu Grand Prix after work one day with Luke, Judy and two of her friends.

Yahoo! is everywhere. Don't even try to fight it.

That's supposed to be Judy. I took a picture of Luke too, but for some reason they didn't develop it.

5XL rehearsal (June 25, 2000)

Mara and Rootbeer. Rootbeer's the bunny.

Mara holds Rootbeer, Hong holds Lupe, and Stella holds Buns.

Hong is covered in bunnies!

Sound test... Lesley's getting into the song, Stanley and Hong watch on, and Bryan tweaks the board.

Rare shot of our neglected drummer, Chico.

Hong from behind.

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