As a weird spontaneous thing a group of us went up to visit Luke in Seattle, who was still working for at the time. I'd only been to Seattle once before, and it was for a Cross Country trip in High School, and I didn't get to see much, so this became a sight-seeing trip.

Trip to Seattle (Sep. 18 - 19, 1999)

I'd never seen one of these before. It's a railroad bridge that goes down and is held down by the weight of the train when it goes across. We were hanging out on the locks to Lake Union.

Mara and Philina hanging out on the locks.

I could say something about the dedication of the salmon, working its way all the way upstream to the spawning grounds where it was born, only to die, yadda yadda yadda. But I won't.

High lock open, ship go up...

... low lock open, ship go down.

And of course, what tourist's album would be complete without a picture of that big needly pointy thing in the middle of Seattle... I think they call it the Space... uhm... something.

Butterfly in the Science Center.

Another butterfly in the Science Center.

These dancing santas gyrated to the sounds of "Jingle Bell Rock." And all of them were out of sync with the others. The net effect was so entrancing I stared at them for almost 15 minutes while the others were buying dishes for the dinner.

Philina tries to read comic books, but Asimov wants attention.

How cute... Asimov is watching TV.

Mara and Keith, helping set up for the dinner.


For some reason, there was a seagull perched on top of the plane as we were boarding...


Shots of my toys

The 8880 Lego supercar. My first big "investment"...

The Lego Model Set Big Rig.

The Puzz-3D R2D2. It makes sound if you press a button!

Fun with Kirstin and Gerald (Oct 1, 1999)

As a spontaneous thing, Gerald and Kirstin and I decided to go out to eat one night. We ended up at Romano's Grill in Milpitas. They gave us crayons. Big mistake.


Yes, we left a real tip in addition to the one drawn on the table.

AX Meeting (Oct 10, 1999)

Mike, Paul and Todd.


Nicole, Lionel, Trulee, Rannie and Mara.

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