Pro AX BBQ (June 28, 2003)

Alicia... drinking.

Judy sweeps fiercely.

The Deck of Scanner.

Previously MIA Lionel and Alicia.

More Deck.

Kirstin and Taka... dance.

Judy and Jo Ann.

Thatsa big mushroom!

Sun + Smoke + Trees = Pretty.

"Beer" can Chicken.


Hiroki torments Judy.

Judy drinks wine from a bowl.


Judy tries (and eventually succeeds) tying my shoelaces with her toes.

More Doods.


Mara's Evil toe.

Anti AX BBQ (July 5, 2003)

The kitchen.

GBA SPs abound.

The dining area.

Mara and Rannie.

More Doods.

Rannie's patriotic cake.

Mara gives me an evil look, just before taking the camera from me.

(Rest of the pictures by Mara) Jeremy and Alice's head.

Emmo eats corn.

Dana enters a camera duel.


Harvey approves.

Another cake shot.


Stanely has cake, and eats it too.

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