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Playing with the first row

For an example, we're going to imagine that we're on the step where we press the middle button and the rightmost button. (#5 in the computer way of counting, #7 in the human) These two buttons are marked in purple, and we press them. This is the trickiest step! Refer to the chart on the previous page to go through every single possible combination, or you may leave one out.

Attempt #5, row two

The board should look like this now. And now, we continue down the bottom four rows the same way we've been doing all along.

Attempt #5, row three

And the same with row three...

Attempt #5, row four

And row four...

Attempt #6, row five

And finally, row five. With these last four hits, the puzzle will be solved! In this puzzle's case, the combination on row one was early on in the sequence, some are frustratingly later in the sequence. That's it... that's all you need to know.

If you happened to cheat...

If you select the "Solve" option on the Pilot version of Lights Out, this is what it would look like. Notice the two buttons on the top row, this was the combination that ended up being the solution.

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