Net Party at Albert's (April 21-22, 2001)

The first of three rooms where the computers were setup. This was the "glare" room.

Room #2, where my computer was. (The one blocked by Harvey)

Room #2 again, you can see my computer now. *drool* Flatpanel.

Albert and LeAnn's dog.

Oh no! The evil has been opened!

For some reason, a group of people suddenly invaded.

Kirstin and Rannie.

A glimpse into the last room, otherwise known as the dining room.

The kitchen.

<Insert Your Own Caption Here>


Taka and Dom try to stand on one leg with their eyes closed without falling over.

The view...

...out the window...

... of the "glare" room.

More 5XL Studio Pictures (April 25, 2001)

Stanley is the bane of kick drum heads everywhere.


The organ in the lobby.

More foam art.


I really like this one.

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