Memorial Day BBQ (May 27, 2001)

Stella's friend was wearing "foot mittens". Freaky.

Stella's friend, Stella and Judy peel onions, or something.

The guys on the next grill over used waaaaay too much lighter fluid.

Travel-sized, for your convenience.

I'm getting hungry again.

Yes, there was a beehive inside this tree.

People play Mah-Jong.


And on the other side of the tree, a squirrel's nest.

Now I'm really hungry.


Nati's infamous steak. I can't remember how much of it he managed to eat in one sitting.

Graduations in Southern California (June 16-17, 2001)

The unruly crowd at the UC Riverside graduation ceremony.

The new Doctor Kathleen Wilson, friend of the family.

The much more dignified crowd at the UCLA physical sciences gradutaion.

The other half.

All of the colors of the rainbow.

The ironic thing is that Scott isn't graduating for two more quarters...

And then we had to sit through another indoor ceremony for the Math department.

A door in Santa Monica. 1337. Heh.

Santa Monica.

Final Moving Day (June 28, 2001)

The pieces of my desk.

It's all empty. Which is the opposite of full.

I bought a bag of beef jerky. Notice the CD for scale, and the count number on the bag. That's a whole lotta jerky, and it was only 25 bucks!

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