Luke and Ryan's Birthday Party (September 16, 2000)

Everyone watching or playing Mario Tennis.

The other room, where they watched all of Magic Knight Rayearth over the course of the day. (Or at least Keiko did.)

One of my famous attempts at getting a picture of Kirstin.

Somewhere out in the world is the other side of this picture.

Chico having fun with Luke's new grill.

Garland relaxing in Luke's fold-out chair. Guest-starring my camera strap again.

Jen and Luke return from the store.

At this point, Phil started taking the pictures. Brian's head, and Luke's shiny new Wega.

Mike and me playing Mario Party.

Taka, Jen and Kirstin.

Luke's either surprised, or yawning.

Jay being anti-social and reading manga.

Chico and Gerald out on the patio.

Danny relaxing in Luke's chair, reading the AD&D 3rd Edition rules.

Richard and Mara eat their steak, but Mara's hiding.

And Phil succeeds at getting a decent picture of Kirstin!

If I saw as much of Phil as Danny does, I'd stare at him like that too.

Keiko and Garland IRC, or something.

Phil just seems to bring out the best in all of us, especially Garland.

Chico and Keiko.

Taka presents: A corn cob!

Kirstin and Keiko.

... I... have nothing to say about this.

Luke's new grill. It's a Simpson's grill, although you can't tell that.

Stella, avoiding the camera again.

Hong, trying to look "sexy," or so Phil tells me.

Mike, Soung and Ryan.

Another flattering picture of Garland.



Another Fanimecon meeting (September 17, 2000)

Another Fanimecon meeting, another picture of the cat and duck. Is it just me, or does the duck look like he's about to charge the cat?


The Duck and Brian make contact.

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