Karaoke Staff Party at Hank's House (August 26, 2000)

Ryan plays Dance Dance Revolution

Lena helps Luke set up his porta-bar.

Gerald plays Samba de Amigo in the other room.

Stanley, Chico, Judy, Hank.

Judy pouring Sprite into the plant?

Judy plays DDR.

Hank plays Samba de Amigo.

We move Sambe de Amigo into the main room and Ryan plays.

Mara plays.

Ryan, Chico, Judy, Gerald.

Hank plays.

Judy plays.

Gerald plays again.

Hank plays again.

Mara plays again.

Stanley plays.



Karaoke at Star Zone (August 26, 2000)

Hong serenades Stella...

...and Stella runs away.

Phil, probably singing another giant robot theme.

Yay. Panorama.

Hong, Alex and Luke sing.

Hank, Chico and Gerald sing.

Hong and Alex dance.

Mara and Chico.

I'm tired.

I forget which song this was to.

Hong and Ryan sing.

Luke, Hank and Phil sing and dance.

Ryan is "Bad."

Ryan, Luke, Hank and Phil are "Bad."

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