Granda Rose's cat.


Okay, so this cat plays fetch, sort of. He fetches the ball...

...then pounces on it, causing it to fly all over the room. Very amusing.

Steve's legs, Scott, Mom, Grandma.

Mom, Grandma, Grandma.

The statue, turned fake Christmas tree in downtown.

The view up the "tree."

A winter wonderland.

A very strange picture of my breath, which I didn't mean to take.

More winter wonderland.

A little earlier there were a bunch of people outside for midnight mass. Crazy.

The current tempurature: -1 degrees Fahrenheit. (Celsius: COLD)

One of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in.

Roof of the hotel lobby.

Thank the local city planners for the indoor walkways. You can also see the Steak 'N' Shake in the middle of the picture.

The leftmost set of tracks on the left group of tracks is mine. Whee.

Ah, travelling on Christmas Day.

1 of a series: Indianapolis airport.

Good ol' flat Indiana.

2 of a series: St. Louis airport.

This is what passes for "lunch" on TWA...


3 of a series: Ontario Airport. (New terminal! Now with jetways!)

Good ol' reliable, our 1985 Maxima, that my brother still drives.

4 of a series: John Wayne airport.

5 of a series: San Jose Airport. All 5 of this series were taken in a 24 hour period. Ugh. Too much travel for me.

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