Grandma Rose's 90th Birthday

Scott plays with one of my Aunt's cats.

My mom and grandma (not the one who's birthday it is).

Brother, uncle, both grandmas and mom.

My mom and aunt went shopping together.

Sara and Mark with my newest cousin, Eli.

Rena, Jon and Brett.

Setup for the video presentation.

Sarah and Traci.

The head table at the party.

Gabriel plays with the puzzle.

Getting ready for group shots.

The only group shot I got (many more were taken).

Gabriel and Sara hide from me...

Then run away as I get too close.

Grandma Ellen with Eli.

Scott and the cat. Again.



Eli's too tired to watch fireworks.

The cats really do go everywhere.

Hanging out at my aunt's.

Traci, Greg, Jon and Brett.

Grandma and all her great-grandchildren.

All four generations.

The room where Scott and I stayed most of the time.

7.2 inches of rain + indentation in the ground = instant swimming pool.

The White River was a bit lower the last time I saw it.

... yeah.

Heh heh heh.





The gardens.

And again, the gardens.


Sam, the guard dog.

We almost did.

Is that... BLUE? It can't be!

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