I don't have any pictures of Hawaii, they are stored in some box somewhere in my mom's garage. When I find them, besides being very relieved and pleased, I'll scan some and put them up here. If I still have a web page when I find them.

The Hawaii trip was my parent's twentieth anniversary trip, but lucky for us, my brother and I got dragged along.

We saw the big island, where we stayed in both Kona and Hilo, then we flew to Kauai, where we stayed on Poipu Point, in the Poipu Kai Resort.

The vacation as a whole was one of the most enjoyable I took, we managed to avoid great crowds by avoiding Oahu. But still, the places we visited had a very high tourist attractiveness.

One of the most memorable things about the big island was a small bread shop in Hilo. The bread was so good there, that once we had moved on to Kona, we made a whole trip around the island just for more bread.

November 10th: I take this opportunity to say that I found the pictures. That's it. No guarantees of any scans. I don't have the time yet.

Random fact: The closest major league baseball team to Hawaii, by straight geography, is the San Fransisco Giants.

Hawaii on the whole also has a significant Japanese population and tourist rate, and the little bits of culture that I picked up there nudged me to learn Japanese and later travel to Japan.

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