Fanimecon 2001 Saturday (March 31, 2001)

The view out my hotel window.

I think I can see my house!

The even-longer-than-before line for the dealer's room.

Luke in his PvP gaming fez.

Les tries to intimidate me to not take her picture or something...

...but then relaxes.

Judy doesn't like her picture taken, or something.

Christine and her old pig-head... from a costume.

Luke dragged Lena to Fanime! Yay!

Those scary Sanrio characters from Pen Pals chased me around the Dealer's Room.

The hotel lobby.

It's not quite a hamster...'s more of a squirrel, really.

Our friends in the Anime Pavilion booth.

Danny poses with the koala.

The gang at karaoke.

Luke talks to Dom, of MegaTokyo fame.

Oooh, colorful.

Evil Luke from the "Mirror, Mirror" universe.

Ed, Dom, Marie and Lesley, the karaoke contest judges. Ed is Dom's worst nightmare.

A group of girls sing the ending song to Excel Saga.

Fanimecon 2001 Sunday (April 1, 2001)

Pomru and Eileen get online with Egan's mac.

I now have photographic proof of Ryan and Jen's existance.

Stella and Lesley use advertising to sell 5XL shirts.

Our good friends from Fanime security.

Kevin, masquerading as an employee of Foreign Expressions.

Anime firesale... make money for marriage!

Aya, our Guest Relations Head, and Revell from Area 51.


The view from the stage at the gripe... err... constructive criticism session.

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