Fanimecon 2001 Thursday Setup (March 29, 2001)

Judy wearing her skirt that still had the price tag on.

Nicole gets lost in the 5XL 5XL shirt.

Mmmm... In 'N Out Burger. *drool*

Fanimecon 2001 Friday (March 30, 2001)

Nicole models a 5XL button.

Our first 5XL t-shirt customer, Egan!

Sarah in her costume from a made-up anime.

The line out the dealer's room. Yikes.

Gilles Poitras, Guest of Honor and fellow CAA member.

The rest of the gang from the made-up anime at the Game Show.

Adam Warren and Stan Sakai!

Our friends at the Stone Bridge Press booth.

Les and Hank sell shirts.

5XL Concert at Fanimecon (March 30, 2001)

Pictures once again taken by Mara.

Our set list was longer than before, but there was very little idle time.

With better equipment, we hope we sounded better to the audience.

Stanley and his good luck Cactrot.

Hank and Me.

Hong, Les and Stanley.

You can make out each person's respective color: Lesley - Pink, Chico - Yellow

Hank - Black, Me - Blue, Hong - Red

And Stanley - Green.

I sing my lead vocal.

Les takes a break while I sing.

Yes, my shirt says "Stop talking! Impending death by monkey!"

Hank sings his lead.


And then, so does Stanley.

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