I've been doing this anime convention thing for a bit now, and other people take plenty of pictures of cosplayers, so I end up just taking pictures of people I know. But before, that, a brief interlude...

A day at the 5XL Studio (Feb 17, 2000)

This is one of the studio cats. I don't know his/her name, but goshdarnit, isn't it cute when it's asleep?

This is the lounge area of the studios. You can play ping-pong if you know the secret place where the ball is located (like I'd tell you) and for pete's sake, keep your feet off the furniture!

Lesley on the drums, Stanley on the keyboard, and Chris on the floor.

Fanimecon 2000 (Feb 24-27, 2000)

This was my first introduction to the home version of Dance Dance Revolution, being demonstrated by Al and some other guy at the Howie's Hi-tech Games booth.

Nicole, looking as pretty as can be.

My silly camera decided to switch into another mode, which managed to chop off half of Lionel and half of Monica's face....

Lesley in her not-a-costume clothes. No really, she dresses like this normally. People don't believe her when she says that.

Mara and Luke, who seems to have a stuffed Pokemon on his head.

Aya and Scott working at the Fanime merchandising booth. Scott was a bit surprised as Aya forcibly turned his head at the last minute to face the camera.

The view from the control booth in the Dealer's Room. Digital Discs on the left, and the videogaming section on the right.

Kirstin and Luke. Yet another attempt by me to get a decent picture of her... failed of course.

I don't normally take pictures of cosplayers, but... she's got a hamster on her head!

The control area of the karaoke room. (L to R) The back of Chico's head, Stanley, Mara hiding, face I can't recognize, Luke MCing in his Black Biscuits helmet, and Eileen.

Chico, Luke and Eileen singing something at karaoke.

Eileen, hard at work at the Anime Pavilion booth.

The crowd at the end of con gripe session.


And after the con, we all go to Angelino's for pizza and watch Mike Wright play the organ.

Some vineyard (Sometime in March, 2000)


Trees, parking lot and my car.

More trees.

Yet more trees.

Trees, and the actual vines.

Not trees. My cube at work. One of those "I've got one last picture on the roll, got to take a picture of something" shots.

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