I also don't have any pictures of Walt Disney World, they're probably in the same box as my Hawaii pictures.

My family had wanted to go to Disney World for a long time before we finally went. The high cost of airfare for four to Florida had been hindering us. But my father did a lot of travelling, and whenever he could, he volunteered to be bumped (a trait which I have inherited), and whenever he did, the airline would give him a voucher worth one flight anywhere in the continental United States. Well, eventually he got four, and we were off.

We stayed in the Caribbean Beach Resort, the cheapest of the hotels that are actually part of Disney World. As a vacation spot, though, Disney World is exquisite. The transportation is excellent, with color coded buses and a monorail that actually travels from place to place. All of it is free with the little card they gave us (and I still have) when we checked into the hotel.

The Magic Kingdom is pretty much the same as Disneyland, except there was more room to work with when they designed it, so they didn't have to make the same kinds of things that make Disneyland so neat, like underground tunnels and such. We spend less than a day there, but only because we had already been to Disneyland.

Epcot Center, on the other hand, was quite an experience. It took us two whole days to see everything we wanted to see, and I bet there was still lots more after that that we missed.

One of the most memorable experiences about this trip was the weather. Every day at 2:00pm, Central Florida has a thunderstorm, or so it seemed. It will pour down for one, maybe two hours, then clear back up again. The first day, we got caught in a sudden downpour, so at one of the tourist shops, we thought about buying these cute Mickey Mouse ponchos. My mother and I decided to get them, but my dad and my brother thought it was silly. So my mom and I wore the ponchos for the last fifteen minutes or so of that storm, and then we never used them again. We just didn't need to. My dad and my brother never let us live that down, it was just the ongoing joke of the trip. I still have mine. I actually have it with me, in my room somewhere.

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