Birthday boy Chico

Birthday Girl Jane

People ordering at KBBQ

Darold tries to take a picture of the food.

Judy practices pouring beer.

Drinking contest!

Princess Chico!

Princess... uhhh... okay, next picture.

Darold teases Jane

Princess Darold!

Princess Ken!

Alicia, Judy and Hiroki.

Joe, Lai and Mara.

Jane, Kevin, Jeremy, Mark

Jane stabs Chico with the cake-cutting implement.

Chico cuts his pretty pretty cake.

Grace, Alicia and Judy laugh with Chico.

Jane gets her AK-47!

It says: Judy's #1 Oniisan. (The front says "Chico!"


The crowning of Princess Chico.

Princess Chico in all his glory.


Chico, Judy and Alicia at karaoke.

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