A typical Saturday

Is it so wrong to spend an entire Saturday inside without even looking outside? When someone says on IRC “it’s raining” and you have to ask “it is?” but then don’t even check?
I woke up at 1pm, played some PSO, watched the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie, played some more PSO, watched Beautiful (which was written by my cousin, yay!) played some TFC, played some PSO, ate dinner, took a shower, and now it’s 1:30.
Which pretty much sums up a typical Saturday for me (substituting PSO for whatever game I’m currently playing), and to be honest, I’m not self conscious about it. Luke was saying how pitiful he was because he didn’t have anything to do on a Saturday night, but I’m happy to stay in. It’s just like when I say I’m gonna take a vacation from work and my coworkers ask “where are you gonna go?” and I respond “nowhere, that’s the point.”
The outside world is just more trouble than it’s worth sometimes, ’cause that’s where all the other people are, and people drive cars…. badly. And the outside world is just so damn spread out it takes too long to get anywhere.
Bleh. Time to finish off the popcorn I made and do something else until I fall asleep.

Another day another dollar

I suppose I should at least write a little about today. It can be summed up in one phrase. “Dammit Jim, I’m an engineer, not a project coordinator!”
*sigh* So I spend all day at work trying to get this project in order, because sometimes it just falls onto the engineer to get everything together, because they’re the last ones who need everything, so if something’s missing, they have to go find it. But only if someone isn’t doing their job. Or in this case, if there isn’t anyone who has that job.
Then I went home and played Phantasy Star Online for the first time with people I actually knew instead of random people from the lobby. And had a blast… I really wanna take some time off and just play PSO all day. Heh heh heh.
And yes, it’s 1:44am and I’m still awake. This does not bode well for waking up tomorrow.

What a difference a day makes

So I was thinking once again during the hour-long drive back from band practice, listening to the Magnolia soundtrack… realizing what one of the things about that movie was that made me like it so much: the fact that it takes place within one day.
I already knew I liked that sort of thing, The Paper is one of my favorite movies, as is Groundhog Day (although that one sort of breaks the rules) and Pulp Fiction. What is it about these movies that appeals to me so much? The fact that they chronicle a day in the life of people that is so profound that it changes their life.
I can identify with this, because I’ve had a few of these, only two though. Days like this aren’t common, you may be tempted to call a day “profound” when you are just confusing it with “busy.” I’m sure the one day I’m thinking of counts as this, because, if I wanted to, I could make a 2-hour movie about it; I’ve already written a three-part essay about it. (For those of you paying attention, and perhaps even read the article in the CAA Konshuu back in 1998, I’m referring to my first Anime Expo).
Bah, I should probably get to work. This whole “fall asleep at 4am wake up at noon get in to work at 12:30” thing isn’t exactly doing wonders for me.

Road Rage

So this “morning” during my commute to work (morning being relative), before I’ve even gotten 20 feet out of the driveway of my apartment complex, I signal to turn right at the next intersection, and as I turn, the guy who’s turning left in the lane in front of me flips me off and screams something at me I can’t hear.
I assume it’s because he assumes I didn’t signal, because my blinker in the front right doesn’t work, and I just made him lost five whole seconds of his life because he could have turned earlier if he had seen me signal.
Is this really a reason to yell at someone and flip them off? It’s totally out of my control. I consider myself to be an above average driver, especially on the freeway, but how does it bode when, first thing in the day, a random guy yells at you for no reason of your own?
*sigh* Wednesdays.

Thunderbirds 2086

Well, I watched the Thunderbirds 2086 tape. The contents of the tape weren’t the same as what was on the box, but surprisingly, it was the other two episodes I hadn’t seen.
Unfortunately, they were two of the earlier episodes, so the voice acting was terrible and the editing felt very clunky. *sigh* That’s another of my childhood memories tarnished by the harsh light of reality.
Now I’m gonna watch my Clerks Animated Show DVD for some real quality animation. 😛

Money can buy happiness

So I got the goods from an Ebay auction I won… a Thunderbirds 2086 tape. I paid a whole $10 for this thing completely on faith that it would be something useful. (For those of you who don’t know, TB2086 was a Japanese Animation show brought over to the US and broadcast on cable TV in the early 80’s) Not only is it not a PAL tape (which means I can actually watch it on my VCR) it’s two episodes that I haven’t seen yet! Keep in mind I’ve seen almost all of the episodes (there’s now just one I will haven’t have seen after I watch this tape tonight)… and I used to have them all on tape until I lost one of the two tapes!
So now I’m down to six episodes… 4 recorded from tv, and the two I have now.
Dammit, if only I hadn’t left that tape back at the old house… my housemates probably have recorded over it by now…

The end of the first day

I certainly picked a weird day to start this thing. I’ve been spending the last few weeks in a nostalgic haze, reminiscing about High School and all that, but now I’ve been focusing the same feelings on the present.
All the good ones are taken, damaged, or live 3000 miles away. Dammit.

I think I’m starting to get sick at the sight of the phrase “happily taken”. As in; every cute girl I meet is… happily taken.

And so it begins

Maybe I’ll end up using this more, maybe not at all.
If this journal ends up being the story of my life, then it’s picking up right in the middle of the story when things are so complicated it would take months to explain it all…