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Sunnyvale, we have a problem.
September 11, 2003, 1:39 pm
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So, as you may have guessed from the change in my mobile user pic (which doesn’t seem to be working right now), or from my last post, I bought a new cell phone.

It’s a Sony Ericcson T616, which is apparently the phone that all geeks are lusting after nowadays. I love the phone, and I can do all sorts of things on it that make me even more connected. Once I get my Bluetooth adapter for my laptop, I will be even more empowered.

There’s just one small problem: AT&T’s GSM network doesn’t reach into my house except on the top floor. The TDMA network that my previous phone used at least got 1 bar in my basement, 2 on the middle floor, and 3 on the top. Now, I get 0, 0 and 1 or 2, respectively. So I have to keep my phone in the office now when I’m not using it.

Ironically, this silly little bit of technological aggravation may be the impetus that gets me to finally switch the office and my bedroom, moving into the master and making the bottom room the office. That in itself means I’d have to a) move the DSL modem, linux machine, airport base station and printer downstairs (as well as my two roommates moving their stuff as well) and then either setting up a desk down there for my gaming pc (which I doubt would fit) or getting a wireless ethernet card for it and leaving it in my room (more likely). I’d also have to move up my bed, shelves, dressers and clothes. (But I think I’d leave my boxes down there… at least the heavy ones fully of comics and Magic cards.

So, a bunch of furniture would have to move, Hank and Leon should still have the same amount of space, and both bathrooms could be fully utilized. The only thing that would change is that I don’t think there’s a cable TV hookup downstairs… I’ll have to check… so no more cable tv in the “office”. I’d also have to buy a third handset for my cordless phone base station.

I’d also lose the 216 day uptime on my linux box. *sniff*

On a completely unrelated note, yes, I know I’ve not written a post about my trip to Indiana. But… look! pictures!

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