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Stop the madness!
January 31, 2002, 11:53 am
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So I opened up the Atlantis DVD, and inside is a little slip of paper:

“Return To Atlantis In An All-New Movie. More Adventure More Mystery More Fun More Atlantis Coming Soon to [Stupid Disney DVD symbol] and Video!”

Stop the madness, dammit! I’m getting very upset at this whole direct-to-video thing.

Oh Canada!
January 31, 2002, 11:33 am
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A few things this nice and frigid morning:

It was quite cold last night. So cold, in fact, that when I went out to my car this morning, there was frost on it. Now, this might be even more surprising when I tell you that I went out to my car this morning at 10:30 a.m. Yes, it was in the shade, but it was that cold out.

Luke and I both are curious as to what exactly we need to get into (and back out of) Canada for our ski trip. We made an interesting discovery last night. “A valid passport or proof of citizenship and a photo id” are needed for entry. Elsewhere, under the “If I renew my passport, do I get my old one back” question, it says “yes, you get it back, and keep it safe, because it’s proof of your citizenship.” Logically, then, all we need is our expired passports (both of us went travelling in high school as minors, so they expire earlier) and our driver’s licenses.

And as a final note, I give you this picture, a strange coincidence that came in the same shipment.

One of those days
January 29, 2002, 7:59 pm
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For those of you who’ve been wondering where I’ve been, mentally and physically, for the last week or so, behold. For those of you who don’t understand what part of that website I was responsible for, no long answer for you. Short answer is, the HTML and the backend.
Hear about my day

Double webcam action!
January 27, 2002, 9:42 pm
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I finally won me an eBay auction on another webcam, so I have double webcam action going on now.

Of course, my computer at work is currently not updating, because I don’t think I restarted the webcam software after a system crash. This makes it look like I’m in two places at once. It also makes it look like I’m always at work.

Hmmm. I need to comb my hair.

Not exactly exuding an air of professionalism
January 24, 2002, 12:42 pm
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So we were supposed to have a band performing at lunchtime today in the cafeteria for some odd reason. They were supposed to start at noon, but at 12:15, they were all just sitting around, and we were wondering why they hadn’t started yet.

I get back to my desk, and there’s an email sent to the entire campus with the subject line “desperately need drum sticks in the cafe.”


LAN Party goodness
January 21, 2002, 3:46 pm
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So the three of us played hosts this weekend to a LAN party. It ended up being mostly Diablo II, with some Brood Wars thrown in, but there was some actual non-computer gaming going on in the basement as well. There was food too, which is always a plus. I’ve got some pictures that I need to upload.

Speaking of pictures, I’m hoping that Luke mentions his new camera soon… it was quite neato.

On another note, relating to the comment that left, 2381 people (including me) have “80’s music” listed as an interest. Unless this is music that’s almost 2000 years old, it’s missing an apostrophe. 946 people have “80s music” listed, which is missing the possesive apostrophe. 19 people have “’80s music” listed, and only one user has the technically correct “’80’s music”. I wonder if I should change mine.

January 18, 2002, 11:47 am
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Awwww… it’s fake.

80’s night!
January 15, 2002, 1:10 am
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As Ken mentioned, I brought our old Apple ][e home and got it set up tonight.

This, on top of watching the newly released Tron 20th Anniversary Edition DVD, made for one very retro evening.

January 14, 2002, 2:59 pm
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I could have sworn I already owned this CD, then when I went searching for it, I found that I didn’t.

I guess that would have made it my favorite album I didn’t own.

Not anymore.

The full package
January 10, 2002, 4:10 pm
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So, let’s see. You can hire someone to cause a chance meeting with a woman.

Then, when things go sour, you can hire someone to break up with them for you. If you live in Japan, that is.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to hire someone to have the actual relationship for you, to save you the trouble.

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