Anime Expo BBQ (September 2, 2000)

Setup begins for the 5XL concert. Note the cloudy sky...

California can be very pretty...

One of the many forms of invertebrate life that attended our concert.

The skies are getting angry.

Hong and Emily hang out...

And, sure enough, it began to rain. Not that hard, but enough that it warranted covering our equipment. Of course, this happens when the van is away shopping.

And later, it clears up.

I take a break from hanging out at the ampitheatre and walk over to the bbq site.

Vicky, Rod, and Lionel watch Stan on the grill... as usual.

So everyone in this picture is staring at me for some reason...

One of the many card games going on around the BBQ

Rannie Sez: "Men's Pocky! It's not just for men!" And by the way, that's root beer.

Luke and Lena come visit us outcasts at the concert site.

Nicole rides around on a Razor Scooter.

Yet another failed attempt to get a picture of Kirstin.

I need to get better at this splicing thing. View from the "stage".

There's this long time in one of the songs where I don't play anything... so I took a picture.

Hills of California again, with clouds above.

Concert's over; time to break down.

Yet another failed attempt...

People crowed around while Lesley tries to play the drums.

If you shake a tree, how many AX staffers would fall out?

Another of our invertibrate friends. This one scared Judy.

Oooh... pretty.

View from the rope tree.


The very top of the rope tree. Luke's back, and Keiko's leg.


Karaoke Afterwards at Do Re Mi (September 2, 2000)

A sort-of successful attempt. Random note: Toshi has the same camera as me.

Dana, Chico, Luke and Keiko.

Da yo ne! (Da yo ne!) Da yo ne! (Da yo ne!)

Karaoke: it's Taka-riffic!

Garland, the sixth Backstreet Boy! (Or would it be seventh? Like I know how many Backstreet Boys there are.)

Ex-roommates. (sigh)

The Next Day (September 3, 2000)

Random shot.

Ryan and Jen set up the next game of Settler's of Cataan. I won the first.

Stella blocks the picture with a McDonald's Employee Hello Kitty.

People learn how to play Mah Jong.

It's Taka Misterhands!

One of the many human pillows that Nicole used.


More Doods.

Taka breaks the mister. Bad Taka! Bad, bad Taka!

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