Anime Expo 2001 Day Three (July 7, 2001)

The final segment of the Masquerade ticket line.

Aieee! A black pigeon!

The line continues.

Judy and the PoteHamu she gave me.


Peti gets a sketch from a Guest of Honor who's name I can't remember right now.

Anime Expo 2001 Day Four (July 8, 2001)


Now it's Gracie's turn to drive.

Evan and Jing Jing at the info desk.

The amazing pile of luggage of all the AX attendees leaving.

Luke and the tapeball.

Vicky's Yu Watase sketch. Lucky.

Kiyoshi making a fool of himself.

Emily and Rod in front of the Exhibit Hall control booth.

It must be the last day.

The EH control booth again.

Gracie has quite a pliable face.

ElfEater and her BF DDR.

Pomru and Gracie DDR.

Pomru, Taka and Chico at the dead dog.

Nati hangs out while Emmo gives Rannie a backrub.

"Rannie" returns the favor.


It has been said that pulling on Taka's beard gives good luck. It has also been said that rubbing Chico's head gives the same. Kirstin tests a theory...

Kirstin and Taka chase Chico around the room.


Fake Taka! Fake Taka!

And once again, something completely different


My "back of the badge art" drawn by Kirstin.

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