My Cousin's Wedding (July 3, 2001)

The site of the wedding, on Palos Verdes.

The wedding wasn't just attended by humans, it seems.

Nice view.

And again.

Practicing holding up the chupah.

Next door, the ruins of the old Marineland.

I'm a sucker for palm trees with christmas lights on them, especially in July.

I had to pass this through Photoshop a bit to make it even viewable. Pretty, though.

The traditional "lift the newlywed couple up on a chair" thing.

The Band.

The Cake, which was baked by The Bride.

My Uncle Herb (Father of the Groom) and my Cousin, Sara (Niece of the Groom)

Me and my Mom.

Sara falls asleep on her Aunt Traci.

Beach balls!

Anime Expo 2001 Day Zero (July 4, 2001)

Nicole drives around one of the little electric cars during setup.

The view out of...

...the Renaissance's...

...Presidential Suite.


Ooh. Ahh.

The traffic after the Long Beach Harbor fireworks show. Poor saps.


Time for bagels and lox!

Anime Expo 2001 Day One (July 5, 2001)

Garland and Gracie.

Nicole and Eileen.

Darold and Janice.

Kirstin give Garland an evil look.

Gracies does Para-Para.

Linus Lam at work.

Anime Expo 2001 Day Two (July 6, 2001)

Nicole wears a moogle headpiece.

So does monica.

Birdies in the fountain.

The lobby of the Hyatt... packed full of anime fans.

The path from the Hyatt to the convention center, also packed.

Random Sanrio character sighting.

Marie, Stanley and Lesley work the 5XL booth.

Monica wears her yukata, just because.

More vibrating sheep. Don't ask.

There were ten of these suckers. I don't think they finished most of them.


Nicle and Vicky at the dance.

Dance goers.


What makes it an anime dance? Cowboy Bebop showing on a big screen, of course.

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