I've been to the Monterey Aquarium twice before recently (once was for a company function, the other with my family as seen in Miscellaneous Photos #2) but it's always fun to go places with friends, right?

Trip to the Monterey Aquarium (August 12, 2000)

This was me showing Gerald how the digital camera works. Turned out to be a decent picture.

Nicole and Chico walking across the street. It took us quite a while for three cars' worth of people to meet up, so we rendevouxed on a random street corner.

Jeremy's "man-purse"/fanny pack.

I wonder which fish would be the first to be eaten by a predator...

More otter pictures! I think they're... sleeping. Oh boy.

Shot of Monterey Bay... and Sea Lions.

Anchovies in the big tank...

... and anchovies in the little tank that just makes the anchovies swim around and around and around all day.

A shot of the big tank... pointed up.

I can't remember what was in here, but I was testing how well my camera took pictures without a flash. This was the only one that came out decent.

Shark in the big tank.

Blue fish in the big tank.

Hello, boys... remember me?

He's staring at me, I tells ya! With that beady little eye of his. It bores straight into your soul!

Now... strut!

I hadn't seen this bird before.

And all the birds are running around eating. What are they eating, you ask?

... Yummy yummy crickets, of course!


Jeremy's back, Gerald and Nicole out on the 3rd floor balcony.

Mara's giving me an evil look, Gerald's trying to avoid eye contact, and Nicole's playing with her new stuffed baby penguin toy, Horatio.

I took a bunch of pictures, but because there were so many people in the shot, the automatic photo-stictcher could handle it. I had to do it by hand, and you can still figure out where the borders are... oh well.

Let me remind you: it's August. That said... it's the dancing santas again! AIEEEEE!

Gerald waits for us to put in our reservation for dinner.

Mmmm... taffy pulling machine.... *drool*

It's the little things in life that amuse me, sometimes.


Chico eats his chocolate-covered cheesecake slice. At this moment, mine was being made... and it was so rich, neither of us could finish them. But they were oh-so-good...

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